feeling sporty and ugly betty

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After office hours last Friday, i went outside and play volleyball and then lawn tennis afterwards. I’m never never a fan of volleyball. Ok, i watch volleyball games but i don’t play. I just think it’s a torture to my gorgeous hands (hehe!). But i just played a little since i was listed to play in the department’s sporstfest activity. I at least have to hit the ball you know. I can’t stand the pain in my hands so i played tennis instead. Again, not that i’m good at it. LOL!

Later, me and my colleagues went to Paseo and ate tapsilog. Went home at around 2am and then i still managed to watch a few episodes of Ugly Betty. I slept around 5:00am and woke up around 5:00pm to a severe body ache. I cannot move my arms and my hips. Shoots! That was just about 2 hours of running and playing but it felt like i’m beaten up! I slept again and then woke up at 8:00pm and ate my first meal of the day. I later went to Fuente and bought some dibidis. Went home and watched Ugly Betty Season 2. :P

5 Responses to “feeling sporty and ugly betty”

  1. splat Says:

    hahahaha… seriously!! ming-apil gyud kag tennis??? ataka…

  2. Vk-mahalkaayo Says:

    unsa man na dibidis, makaon ni….

    sus kaon ra gyd akoa bya….

  3. Ylan Says:

    Splat - hoi! ngano man? wa ka salig nako??? hehe! wa oi! gaduwa duwa ra.. sa volleyball kung wala lain muduwa kay basi makaduwa ko ug ahat hehe mao tu gaduwaduwa mi practice.. pingpong ra baya ang sports na sure ko kamao (gamay) hehe! nanakit akong hips ug pinonit sa bola sa tennis! atot!

    vk - hehe dibidis.. gibisaya ra nako ug suwat ang DVDs! mga pirated nga dibidis.. (opps my bad!)

  4. splat Says:

    it’s so not you… naa tingali ka nakaon lain pag-adto nimos tabogon… or suway ug pa-exorcise… tingalig bad spirit ra na… hek hek hek

  5. Ylan Says:

    splat - hahaha amaw! feel baya pud nako maging sporty usahay, maunhan rako sa akong katapulan… and napugus ra lagi ko ug duwaduwa atong volleyball ug tennis.. pero naa naman players guru, so ok ra kaau, dili ko maapil. sa pingpong ra gyud ko muduwa. at least sa pingpong, kamao ko gamay hehe.

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