Tuesday, September 09, 2008

special thanks to Carlota

This post is especially dedicated to Carlota for her big help. Without her, this blog's new domain wouldn't be possible ;) Thanks again, Madame Carlotz!!! Check out her blog if you'd like to have some cool cute blog layouts.

Friends, kindly update your link to my blog with this new URL --> http://www.pinkrefuge.com



Me, the islands and the world said...

update na nako imohang URL sa akong blog:) pero, wala lagi akong isa ka blog diri, pakilista nalang www.pinaylighterside.com, thank you:)

Ylan said...

Marites - thanks sa pag update.. naa imong blog diri oi, awa gani, naa sa PALS.. or naa ka laing blog?

Haze said...

Sure, I'll update your link. Musta diha kababayan?

Ylan said...

Haze - thanks Haze! heto kabayan, nagkamang kay walay tasks! hehe! hinay negosyo! lol! kaw diha? kumbate pa? :)