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happy halloween!

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Don’t wait ’till she looks at you! She has the gaze of a monster!! :D Since yesterday, traffic is already congested especially in streets and crossings where public cemeteries are located. I can just imagine the jampack of people tomorrow. Honestly, i don’t like the sight of cemeteries. All the more that i don’t like to visit. I get suffocated and i think i’ll just pass out any moment because of the heat, crowd, smell and everything. Then again, i should pay homage to my departed loved ones.

While halloween costume parties are very common in other countries, i have to say it’s a pitty because their cemeteries are unfrequented. They don’t even recognize what really All Souls Day is for. Well, it all boils down to tradition. While we also have halloween parties here, i haven’t really gone to one. And i know it’s fun! Hhmnnn….

On a lighter note, what excites me most about halloween are the ‘kakanins’ like puto, budbud and biko! Yummm!

So, everyone, happy halloween! :) Hey, what’s that thing on your back???

looking tall, feeling tall

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Well, Fridays, most favorite day of the week. To us, it’s a no-uniform-day in the office. Hurrah! Goodbye to the lowsy tailored uniforms for a day. To some, this is the day when they could strut their most fabulous if not most outrageous outfits, lol!

Last Friday, most of my coworkers noticed and commented i was especially taller that day. What do you know? Please refer to the above photo! :D (Sakita sa bagtak lagi!)

Miss UN

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On my way to work, I noticed that my beloved elementary alma mater is adorned with lots of flags. Oh, October, it’s United Nations month. Back then, we usually have this annual Miss United Nations tilt. However, the winner is not determined by looks, presentation or intelligence like any other pageant there is. The winner was determined through a raffle. Each candidate will have to pick a paper and the winner will of course be the one who has picked the paper with the Miss UN title. I never participated in any of those contests not until when i was in grade six. I had to or else i’m incomplete in the requirements for that quarter. I did not won! And i was glad. Because i was Ms. Israel and my costume never had anything that speaks Israel. I just wore a simple dress, nothing more, nothing less. I remember my older sister was once Ms. Turkey and she used a blanket as her gown or cape. How about that? LOL! :D

home care

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From where i grow up, taking care of our elders is a tradition. Grandparents and old relatives stay with families and not in care centers. In other countries, old folks choose to live on their own or in care centers. It’s probably just a matter of what is being accustomed. A few of my friends and former colleagues are now living abroad. They say that they will still come home and retire here and that there’s nothing like home. Well, i couldn’t agree more. But if anything, they still have other options too. They could stay in care centers or homecares. The people in these facilities may not be your own family but they’re run by health workers who are more versed in taking care of older folks especially the sick. There’s this homecare in Grand Rapids Michigan famous for its superb service. I should tell my friends in Michigan about this. I’m not sure how far is this from Southfield. It just came to my thoughts since two of my colleagues are in Michigan right now for a temporary assignment.

crowning glory

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They say your hair is your crowning glory. Is it? Well, let’s see. Try going to a beauty shop or store and you will see a wide array of hair products to choose from. You sometimes can’t decide which products work better or you sometime question whether the advertisements are true or not. Try going to a beauty parlor and you will be amazed by the many services they offer from hair spa to hair cellophane to hair henna to hair wax to hot oil. I even once read an article about various ways of taking care of your tresses. With all of these fuzz about hair care, then your hair must really be your crowning glory. Why would one spend so much about the hair if it’s not? So, let me admit, i for one is really a freak about my hair. I think i have tried a lot of products already just so for my quest of finding that perfect brand that will tame my hair. I probably would end up a bald woman with what i’m doing but thanks that i’m not seeing it a problem. I know for a fact though that hair loss is a problem to some. Have you heard about Philadelphia hair restoration specialist already? Don’t worry folks, with the advent of today’s medicines, you still can have that crowning glory of yours in perfect look.


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Be on TV or print, you can’t miss any topic about the US elections. Even in the loops of emails, stories about the elections are being circulated. So, i won’t talk about it here in my blog. All the more that i’m not into politics, so it’s really weird if i’d say a word or two about it. Not that i find it uninteresting, it’s just one of those topics i find a hard time understanding. But i do enjoy watching debates. I admire how these candidates deliver their pieces. It somehow also stimulates your mind and prompts you to ponder on what’s your take on given situations. Anyways, all i really wanted to say is that for my country also to have this user generated election coverage for viewing. It’s really neat. Very prompt info about politics, an access to information politics minded people will enjoy. As you may know, our election process is not that high end yet. We still follow the very old fashion way of voting. With modern ways, voting is easy and fast. I just don’t know though if it would create some lapses too.

frustrated CPA

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Remember those times during your elementary years when you are asked to sign some autographs from your friends? More often than not, it always include the question that goes like - what do you want to become when you grow up? Most of my friends said they wanted to become a nurse. I never wanted to become a nurse. I hate blood. I hate injections. I think i’d pass out first, before a patient is saved. I don’t like the sight of hospitals. Some of the friends said they wanted to become a teacher. Ok, that sounds better than becoming a nurse. But i never imagined myself as a teacher. I mean, i don’t think i have that zealous patience to deal with students. I’m stubborn myself so i can’t imagine how i would deal with stubborn students. Heheh. But i’d have to admit, a couple of times i would right i wanted to become a nurse or a teacher. Probably, just as to have a sense of belongingness or i ran out of other professions to write down. In reality, i wanted to become a CPA. I wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant and become a lawyer eventually, who knows. But it never happened, i took engineering instead. A few of my close friends became accountants and learned from them that financial statement preparation is never easy. Hearing it, I’m relieved i did not take accountancy at all. If i were a nurse, I’m probably out of the country right now just like what most of my classmates are. Well, i can go if i will work on it, right?


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Was in the mall with friends then I saw this shop selling breads. It’s basically a bakeshop in the mall. I asked my friend - will they gain enough? just selling bread alone? inside the mall, rental of space per square meter cost thousands? and in North Wing at that? To satisfy my curiosity, we went to the bakeshop and was very very surprised to discover the prices of the breads sold. And i was pretty convinced that they sure will gain more than enough! I think there’s no bread that costs less than 25.00 pesos.

Here’s why. I bought 3 pieces of bread - 2 garlic bread, 1 (i forgot the name) another bread and it cost me 133.00 pesos! But yes, the bread tasted so good. Even if it’s quite expensive, i went back a week after to buy again garlic bread and tried some other kind of bread. I bought 5 pieces and it cost me 173.00 pesos. Tonight, i still can’t contain my craving for the garlic bread. I bought 4 - that’s 2 garlic bread, 1 eggstraordinary and 1 golden raisin. It cost me 131.00 pesos. Personally, i think it’s too expensive. Well, it must go with the taste and the place.

I chitchatted with the cashier and i learned that the bakeshop’s main branch is in Singapore. And if I wanted to drink coffee, i’d just go to the adjacent coffee shop and i can eat my bread there free of corkage. The two shops have the same owner/s.

Maybe, if i just go to the bakeshop near our house, my 100.00 pesos will take me home a lot of bread. Hehe :P

Ugly Betty

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Are you watching the series? I am! I just finished the first and second seasons and i can’t wait for the 3rd season. I’m not sure if it’s being shown in America already. I really like the US version better compared to the Mexican/Colombian version entitled Betty La Fea. I like how witty the dialogues and the characters are. Also, it’s a nice twist that Betty actually has boyfriend(s) and a lovelife which is not the case in the other versions. Betty has always been portrayed to be madly in love with his boss in the very beginning. The US version portrayed a bubbly and intelligent Betty who is at one point in her life was torn between two lovers. Hehe. I really can’t wait for the 3rd season - can’t wait to see who she chooses. Go go Betty!


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Our department sportsfest at work has already started and i’m playing tabletennis. (naks! as if lang gud!) There are four competing teams and I’m with the green team. I’ll keep you posted about the activity in my other blog. See yah there!