home care

Posted on Oct 19, 2008 under my thoughts with infos |

From where i grow up, taking care of our elders is a tradition. Grandparents and old relatives stay with families and not in care centers. In other countries, old folks choose to live on their own or in care centers. It’s probably just a matter of what is being accustomed. A few of my friends and former colleagues are now living abroad. They say that they will still come home and retire here and that there’s nothing like home. Well, i couldn’t agree more. But if anything, they still have other options too. They could stay in care centers or homecares. The people in these facilities may not be your own family but they’re run by health workers who are more versed in taking care of older folks especially the sick. There’s this homecare in Grand Rapids Michigan famous for its superb service. I should tell my friends in Michigan about this. I’m not sure how far is this from Southfield. It just came to my thoughts since two of my colleagues are in Michigan right now for a temporary assignment.

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