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On my way to work, I noticed that my beloved elementary alma mater is adorned with lots of flags. Oh, October, it’s United Nations month. Back then, we usually have this annual Miss United Nations tilt. However, the winner is not determined by looks, presentation or intelligence like any other pageant there is. The winner was determined through a raffle. Each candidate will have to pick a paper and the winner will of course be the one who has picked the paper with the Miss UN title. I never participated in any of those contests not until when i was in grade six. I had to or else i’m incomplete in the requirements for that quarter. I did not won! And i was glad. Because i was Ms. Israel and my costume never had anything that speaks Israel. I just wore a simple dress, nothing more, nothing less. I remember my older sister was once Ms. Turkey and she used a blanket as her gown or cape. How about that? LOL! :D

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  1. Lily Says:

    Hi Ylan, agi nimo dinhe medyo dugay dugay na gyud ko wla ka bloghop dah pasensya na ha. great lang ka nako og happy wednesday wishing you a lovely and beautiful day!

    tc always love your music nakaka in love.


  2. Ylan Says:

    Lily - thank you. i wish u the same :) ok lang oi, i always appreciate it when u visit me here amidst ur busy sched :)

  3. Vk-mahalkaayo Says:

    bisan unsa imo isoot, cute n gwapa gihapon ka……….

    bagets pa………….

    pagsoot na lang ug topis uy….lol

  4. marites1034 Says:

    visiting here:) musta naman ka? maayo pa ka kay parang dami opps. asa na gikan? PPP gihapon?

  5. NovaS Says:

    that is soooo cool, i reminisce our celebration too during elementary days… and it was fun.. different customes of different countries all over the world… hehehe…

    as for your comment: better be sure to have backup files for your important files. i dont care if my pc crashed for i know i got my important files keep in my flashdrive, good thing also that they got higher storage now…

  6. gLoR!e Says:

    waaaahhhh imo raffle ako kay money was in second..eeewwwww ulaw oi…dont want to remember hehehe

  7. Ylan Says:

    Vk - haha sa una ra toh.. unsaon dili gyud ko hilig apil ug ingon ana, napugus ra kay gi require mi sa among maestra ;)

    Marites - busy gamay, thanks, ikaw diha musta? gamay ra gani akong opps, dili na sa PPP, sa payu2blog nah.. :)

    Novas - yah, i’ll have to buy a portable harddisk na, to make sure everything has backup.. :)

  8. Ylan Says:

    glorie - o at least na 2nd ka, at least naay nibutang ug kuarta sa imong envelope hehehe!

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