happy halloween!

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Don’t wait ’till she looks at you! She has the gaze of a monster!! :D Since yesterday, traffic is already congested especially in streets and crossings where public cemeteries are located. I can just imagine the jampack of people tomorrow. Honestly, i don’t like the sight of cemeteries. All the more that i don’t like to visit. I get suffocated and i think i’ll just pass out any moment because of the heat, crowd, smell and everything. Then again, i should pay homage to my departed loved ones.

While halloween costume parties are very common in other countries, i have to say it’s a pitty because their cemeteries are unfrequented. They don’t even recognize what really All Souls Day is for. Well, it all boils down to tradition. While we also have halloween parties here, i haven’t really gone to one. And i know it’s fun! Hhmnnn….

On a lighter note, what excites me most about halloween are the ‘kakanins’ like puto, budbud and biko! Yummm!

So, everyone, happy halloween! :) Hey, what’s that thing on your back???

4 Responses to “happy halloween!”

  1. splat Says:

    the thing on my back is called sheena.. i met her on my way to the train station.. hek hek hek.. seriously now. kung wala ko gi-greet ganina ni ma’am elline ug happy halloween kay dili ko makadumdom nga kalag-kalag na diay… wala gyud na na-uso diri uy…

  2. Ylan Says:

    splat - sa mga malls, wala mga ungu-ungu na decors?

  3. Rolly Says:

    slamat sa bisita day, gikapoy na siyag agpas nako…heheheh

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  4. Ylan Says:

    Rolly - surrender si Ruby sa kapaspas nimo mulaag? hehe!… :) ok ivote nya tikaw….

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