Sunday, October 19, 2008

crowning glory

They say your hair is your crowning glory. Is it? Well, let's see. Try going to a beauty shop or store and you will see a wide array of hair products to choose from. You sometimes can't decide which products work better or you sometime question whether the advertisements are true or not. Try going to a beauty parlor and you will be amazed by the many services they offer from hair spa to hair cellophane to hair henna to hair wax to hot oil. I even once read an article about various ways of taking care of your tresses. With all of these fuzz about hair care, then your hair must really be your crowning glory. Why would one spend so much about the hair if it's not? So, let me admit, i for one is really a freak about my hair. I think i have tried a lot of products already just so for my quest of finding that perfect brand that will tame my hair. I probably would end up a bald woman with what i'm doing but thanks that i'm not seeing it a problem. I know for a fact though that hair loss is a problem to some. Have you heard about Philadelphia hair restoration specialist already? Don't worry folks, with the advent of today's medicines, you still can have that crowning glory of yours in perfect look.

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