Sunday, October 19, 2008


Be on TV or print, you can't miss any topic about the US elections. Even in the loops of emails, stories about the elections are being circulated. So, i won't talk about it here in my blog. All the more that i'm not into politics, so it's really weird if i'd say a word or two about it. Not that i find it uninteresting, it's just one of those topics i find a hard time understanding. But i do enjoy watching debates. I admire how these candidates deliver their pieces. It somehow also stimulates your mind and prompts you to ponder on what's your take on given situations. Anyways, all i really wanted to say is that for my country also to have this user generated election coverage for viewing. It's really neat. Very prompt info about politics, an access to information politics minded people will enjoy. As you may know, our election process is not that high end yet. We still follow the very old fashion way of voting. With modern ways, voting is easy and fast. I just don't know though if it would create some lapses too.

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