Sunday, October 19, 2008

frustrated CPA

Remember those times during your elementary years when you are asked to sign some autographs from your friends? More often than not, it always include the question that goes like - what do you want to become when you grow up? Most of my friends said they wanted to become a nurse. I never wanted to become a nurse. I hate blood. I hate injections. I think i'd pass out first, before a patient is saved. I don't like the sight of hospitals. Some of the friends said they wanted to become a teacher. Ok, that sounds better than becoming a nurse. But i never imagined myself as a teacher. I mean, i don't think i have that zealous patience to deal with students. I'm stubborn myself so i can't imagine how i would deal with stubborn students. Heheh. But i'd have to admit, a couple of times i would right i wanted to become a nurse or a teacher. Probably, just as to have a sense of belongingness or i ran out of other professions to write down. In reality, i wanted to become a CPA. I wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant and become a lawyer eventually, who knows. But it never happened, i took engineering instead. A few of my close friends became accountants and learned from them that financial statement preparation is never easy. Hearing it, I'm relieved i did not take accountancy at all. If i were a nurse, I'm probably out of the country right now just like what most of my classmates are. Well, i can go if i will work on it, right?

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