no not in hiatus

Posted on Dec 15, 2008 under blahs |
i’m alive, awake, enthusiastic… just too many things going around my so called life… especially and mostly at work… that i can’t sit and write much… but i will keep you posted… just hang on…

well seriously now… i’m really not that alive, awake and enthusiastic since Friday… there were the parties but my colds is getting the way! arrghhh!!! i think i’m going to be sick… aint feeling well early today… i want to be absent but i cant… hahay…

4 Responses to “no not in hiatus”

  1. Mark J Says:

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  2. irel Says:

    mao jud maam bisag nganhi pod sa amoa sos gipang sip-on ug hilanat wahhh faeet anyway na akoy tag nimo HERE. Get well soon:)

  3. Rolly Says:

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  4. Ylan Says:

    Irel - maau na lang maam nilurang akng sip-on sa tantu nako ug inom ug cold tablets….. thanks sa tag, ill check it out nya =)

    Rolly - amen to that =)

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