Sunday, October 12, 2008


Was in the mall with friends then I saw this shop selling breads. It's basically a bakeshop in the mall. I asked my friend - will they gain enough? just selling bread alone? inside the mall, rental of space per square meter cost thousands? and in North Wing at that? To satisfy my curiosity, we went to the bakeshop and was very very surprised to discover the prices of the breads sold. And i was pretty convinced that they sure will gain more than enough! I think there's no bread that costs less than 25.00 pesos.

Here's why. I bought 3 pieces of bread - 2 garlic bread, 1 (i forgot the name) another bread and it cost me 133.00 pesos! But yes, the bread tasted so good. Even if it's quite expensive, i went back a week after to buy again garlic bread and tried some other kind of bread. I bought 5 pieces and it cost me 173.00 pesos. Tonight, i still can't contain my craving for the garlic bread. I bought 4 - that's 2 garlic bread, 1 eggstraordinary and 1 golden raisin. It cost me 131.00 pesos. Personally, i think it's too expensive. Well, it must go with the taste and the place.

I chitchatted with the cashier and i learned that the bakeshop's main branch is in Singapore. And if I wanted to drink coffee, i'd just go to the adjacent coffee shop and i can eat my bread there free of corkage. The two shops have the same owner/s.

Maybe, if i just go to the bakeshop near our house, my 100.00 pesos will take me home a lot of bread. Hehe :P

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ugly Betty

Are you watching the series? I am! I just finished the first and second seasons and i can't wait for the 3rd season. I'm not sure if it's being shown in America already. I really like the US version better compared to the Mexican/Colombian version entitled Betty La Fea. I like how witty the dialogues and the characters are. Also, it's a nice twist that Betty actually has boyfriend(s) and a lovelife which is not the case in the other versions. Betty has always been portrayed to be madly in love with his boss in the very beginning. The US version portrayed a bubbly and intelligent Betty who is at one point in her life was torn between two lovers. Hehe. I really can't wait for the 3rd season - can't wait to see who she chooses. Go go Betty!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Our department sportsfest at work has already started and i'm playing tabletennis. (naks! as if lang gud!) There are four competing teams and I'm with the green team. I'll keep you posted about the activity in my other blog. See yah there!