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text jokes

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My inbox was flooded with text jokes the other day and instead of forwarding them through my phone, i’d rather post them down here.

Doy: Gwapoha sa imong cp oi!
Bok: Daug nako sa lumba dagan
Doy: Mo ba? Asa?
Bok: Sa pier!
Doy: Pila mo nanagan?
Bok: Tulo - ang pulis, ang ta-iya ug ako!

Sa isang inuman:

Juan: pare, gulonggulo isip ko…parang i love you..
Pedro: stop it pare!!!……….. just prove it! nyahaha!!!

Nagpamanicure si Juan samtang nagpatupi.

Juan: Date ta dai beh?
Manicurista: Minyo man ko.
Juan: Ingna imong bana may lakwon ka!
Manicurista: Ikaw sulti, syay gatupi nimo ron!

In a remote barrio, curfew set at 10pm. Anyone caught inig curfew, pusilon.

Kapitan: 9:45pm pa man, ngano imo sya gipusil?
Sundalo: Katoltol ko ila balay, dili na sya kaabot! Heheh!

If cinderella’s glass slippers fit perfectly, why did it fall off along the way?
Maybe it speaks about 1 important lesson:
“igat jud na sya, bilinbilin arun gukurun!” Haha!

Boy1: Bai, nakigbreak akong gf! Giforwardan pa ko ug pix nila sa iyang bf sa motel!
Boy2: Ha? Niunsa pud ka?
Boy1: Giforward pud nako sa iyang papa! Hahaha, kulatahon to ron!

constant wanderer

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I passed by a department store before i went to the office the other day. While i made my way to the jeepney stop, i passed by another store that sells all sorts of tiles and furnitures. I glanced at the store and got curious about the items on display. I got even more curious when i saw some discount light fixtures of different colors and designs available. If i were not in a hurry, i could have gotten inside the store and wander again. Maybe, i’ll drop by tomorrow if i have the time.

It’s another weekend, i hope everyone will have a good one. Me? I’m going to attend a despidida party. Wahh! Somebody’s bidding goodbye again. *sighs* Oh, i might as well be attending a birthday party but i’m not sure about the celebrant, she’s got a fickle mind!

friendly blogger award

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Got an award from Carlota in her blog Dashing Smiles. Thank you so much for the thought. :)

The rules are:
1. Take your latest picture.
2. Take your picture as natural as possible.
3. Post your picture on your blog.
4. Post the rules.
5. Tag 10 people to do the same as above.

So there… latest picture of me taken last Tuesday. No, it’s not my birthday. It’s my friend’s birthday but so generous enough to treat us for some cake and pizza even when she’s not around. She’s currently on assignment outside the country. :) I’m just the official carrier. :P

I’m tagging not just 10 but everyone in my links. :)

vanity or what?

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Just a few days ago, a famous beauty clinic just opened its new branch in one of the malls in the metropolis. I wonder if they have this microdermabrasion treatment or therapy. I would really like to have one! LOL! That’s just assuming i can afford. :D Been to the island twice and my skin is so dry already. I think i really need the help of an expert to retrieve its natural glow. Plus i always sleep late so my lifestyle is really not helping. I’ve never been to the mall lately but i might go this weekend and check out the clinic. Haha! Seriously, i’m not gonna go there for an appointment, i’d just check if the clinic is a hit! Why? Most celebrities are endorsers of this beauty haven.

thursday blues

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Thursday has become my least favorite day of the week since I seriously took another responsibility at work. This day would almost always mean being busy. I hate the fact that i would be staying late because of the teleconferences. Right, i’d always go home late but how about instances when I have some other personal appointments? I would not want to be absent either since it would be very unfair to my colleagues. It’s also the day when everyone else seems to ask for something for submission or completion. I don’t know but just like that, i hate Thursdays.

Today is no exeption of course. I attended 3 sets of telecons then received another call from an offshore supervisor. Whew! I got hungry so i made my way to the canteen after. I already made a promise not to eat after dinner but what can i do? I can’t think straight with my stomach grumbling. Now, let me go back to reading this diet pill reviews online and see if one will work for me. Tsk! Summer is just a few days away!

when you look me in the eyes

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…If the heart is always searching
Can you ever find a home?
I’ve been looking for that someone
I never make it on my own…

From When You Look Me In The Eyes by the Jonas Brothers - my current song addiction. This song just won’t get off my head… *sigh*

boring sunday

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I slept earlier than usual last night. I skipped my late night hobby of watching movies for i was nursing a very terrible headache. I watched the first few episodes of Criminal Minds Season 2 but i can’t bear the pain anymore that i decided i’d just sleep it away. I woke up feeling a ‘lil better but not really good. I called some friends in Camotes and had a short chat with them while they are on the beach! ( i hate them! hehe!) I was gonna sleep again but i knew that too much sleep would rather just give me another headache. So, i went to Colon and strolled inside the many department stores in the area. I just roam around until i saw some industrial hand wheels that i don’t even know why i got in that section. I grew tired of walking and figured it’s time to visit Sto. Nino as it’s no longer that warm inside the church. Not much of an eventful Sunday, but a good one.

Opps… i just wrote two posts about me being bored. Shoots! I must be really this bored. LOL!

when boredom strikes

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Sometime last week, i was bored so i went outside the house and took some time talking to some of my cousins who are hurdling outside while our neighbor, who is a manicurist, was busy tending to my mother’s nails. I went inside my cousin’s house and asked how her internet connection is. She said it’s ok but she might have it disconnected for she will try another provider. She was thinking of buying a new Linksys router too. Not sure why she had to buy one, maybe she’ll put up one unit for her younger sister. I was really bored that day that i even joined my cousins waiting in queue for the manicurist. What a day!


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To an average Filipino, the above photo can be one heck of a meal already! To some who may not have the chance to eat this whenever they want, this picture is a piece of heaven. Buwad ug munggus. Ay kalami! Mangaon ta! :D

a friend’s endless rambling

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Since the time my friend has moved temporarily to the province, she has always been complaining of how slow the connection in the internet cafes are around the area. She wanted to have her own internet connection back but i don’t know what she’s waiting for that until now she haven’t got it reconnected. Last time, she was renting a room where the landlady has an internet connection. All she needed could only be a used cisco router but she moved out in no time. So now, she’s back to complaining that it would take forever for her to upload photos. Well, sorry girl, i think it’s high time for you to have the internet connection back. At least you won’t be bored in the store if the boys are not around. Haha! :D