first gym session

Posted on Mar 21, 2009 under blahs, my photos, my thoughts with infos |


Months before i actually first set foot in a gym, i already had some pre-gym moments. That’s when i went to Michigan last 2004. In the evening after work, Cherry and I would be left with nothing to do other than watching TV so we decided to try the gym inside the compound (there’s a better word for this but i can’t think right now) to kill the time. I like the treadmills but sad to say, i won’t even last for 10 minutes. LOL! Even with the bike, i’m lucky if i can manage 5 minutes non-stop. Geez, just make me realize now how poor my stamina is. I can’t even do 1 lap jog in the city complex gym. Waah!!!! How lousy i am! And why do i even complain if i get fat?

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