boring sunday

Posted on Mar 22, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I slept earlier than usual last night. I skipped my late night hobby of watching movies for i was nursing a very terrible headache. I watched the first few episodes of Criminal Minds Season 2 but i can’t bear the pain anymore that i decided i’d just sleep it away. I woke up feeling a ‘lil better but not really good. I called some friends in Camotes and had a short chat with them while they are on the beach! ( i hate them! hehe!) I was gonna sleep again but i knew that too much sleep would rather just give me another headache. So, i went to Colon and strolled inside the many department stores in the area. I just roam around until i saw some industrial hand wheels that i don’t even know why i got in that section. I grew tired of walking and figured it’s time to visit Sto. Nino as it’s no longer that warm inside the church. Not much of an eventful Sunday, but a good one.

Opps… i just wrote two posts about me being bored. Shoots! I must be really this bored. LOL!

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