thursday blues

Posted on Mar 27, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Thursday has become my least favorite day of the week since I seriously took another responsibility at work. This day would almost always mean being busy. I hate the fact that i would be staying late because of the teleconferences. Right, i’d always go home late but how about instances when I have some other personal appointments? I would not want to be absent either since it would be very unfair to my colleagues. It’s also the day when everyone else seems to ask for something for submission or completion. I don’t know but just like that, i hate Thursdays.

Today is no exeption of course. I attended 3 sets of telecons then received another call from an offshore supervisor. Whew! I got hungry so i made my way to the canteen after. I already made a promise not to eat after dinner but what can i do? I can’t think straight with my stomach grumbling. Now, let me go back to reading this diet pill reviews online and see if one will work for me. Tsk! Summer is just a few days away!

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