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excited for the weekend

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Who? Me? Yes, me, no one else! LOL! Of course you’ll ask why? Well, Ylangurl’s going to do another adventure trip. Gonna leave on Friday and be back on Tuesday yet. It’s a holiday here on Monday in celebration of Kadaugan sa Mactan. If you happen to be in the area within this week, don’t forget to visit Mactan Shrine as the annual food festival is already open. Feast your mouth with the different kinds of food and delicacies. Well, it’s not for free! You have to buy it but i was there last year and it was really fun and i had a blast eating. :P Ok, back to the weekend thingy - we’ll be visiting two places in a row so expect that i’ll be darker than what i am now. Won’t use the word tan - it’s understated. We’ll be staying in three different hotels/resorts and one of them has some nice outdoor dining sets, all the more that i’m excited! :P So, gotta scoot now and i’ll have to start packing my things. I challenged my self for the so called travel lite so we’ll see if i can make it!

Ahh it’s Thursday tomorrow… i just hate Thursdays you know. :(

another sad plight

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Another unfavorable thing if i may say happened the other day in the office. The company let go another three colleagues of mine, though they’re from a different department. If i’m not mistaken, these 3 folks have been working with the company for quite sometime now. Some say, one of them did volunteer to be retrenched. At least that saved one head who probably would still wish to stay with the company. The reality prevails that up until today, anything could just happen. Our department is so far safe but who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow or the next day? It’s really scary! Maybe i should improve my programming skills since a lot of programmer jobs are available out there. I really don’t know but i’m really hoping our department would still be intact until this economic crisis is averted.

more funny text jokes

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Some of you must be on the verge of observing some activities in line with the holy week already, like visiting churches, etc. Anyhow, let me share another set of funny text jokes…

Girl: kabalo ka mura baya ka ug drugs
Boy: (Kilig) Ngano man? Maka adik ko?
Girl: Di. Makaguba ka ug future!

Pare1: Pare ang lakas ng boses mo kagabi. Tuwang tuwa ako, mukhang natuto ka ng lumaban kay kumare!
Pare2: Wala sya kagabi pare, kaya nagpraktis ako! toink!

Apo: La, maau kaau among titser, gitudluan mi ug maayong pamatasan.
Lola: Aw, unya kabalo naka murespeto sa mga tigulang?
Apo: Alangan! Amaw! Gitudluan gani, bugo! (ahaha!)

Sorry for those who cannot understand some of the terms. Translating the words might diminish the joke. :D

long weekend for me!

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Ok, here’s the breakdown.

Wednesday - company holiday, swapped to Monday (legal holiday)
Thursday - Friday, legal holidays in observance of the holy week
Monday - Tuesday, i took advantage of my vacation leaves

What do you notice? I have a week long vacation! Yah! I know you’re jealous! :D

And i’m going somewhere… tell you more about when i get back. ;)

not meant to be

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One afternoon, i received a text message from an old classmate. He said he was going to visit my office. I asked if he was coming for a job interview or something? He said he will be checking the signal inside the company premise. I realized he is working for a telecom company and one of his tasks is to check the cell tower in the zone.

I wondered what could have been if i was working for a telecon company? I did apply once but i was never accepted. LOL! I was not even called for an interview or exam? Maybe i was destined to work not on the telecommunications side of my course. I might just suck at it after all. Haha! :D

two absences in a row

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Been a very lousy worker for the past days. I almost always cannot complete a work week without being absent! Dang! I’m a perfect candidate for downsizing should it happen. Opps! Knock on the wood for that…

Last Monday, i left the office earlier than usual because I was gonna go to a friend’s house. Have to send her and her family off, they’ll be leaving for Spain the morning after. I didn’t sleep for one, i might just get migraine if i’d sleep then wake up in the next 2 hours. Second, i usually sleep in the wee hours of the morning so sleeping at around 1:00am is not feasible. I could help her pack some of their things but she prefers packing alone. Wise idea since it would be easier for her to track where she’d put her things. So, off we went to the airport at almost 4:00am. Their flight is at 5:00am. I try not to cry because everyone will cry. LOL! I had my crying moments during the farewell party anyways. I was with her mother, brother and cousin by the way.

We grabbed some breakfast after then went back to their house to finish packing. Some of their things are to be airshiped yet. I went home around 8:30 and put myself to sleep. I woke up at almost 2:00pm nursing severe headache and backpains. And that left me being absent from work for the rest of the day. I just watched TV and saw this sad news about firms closing and workers suffering from Mesothelioma cancer and how badly they need the government’s help. Tsk!

I better not be absent for the next few days or else i’m doomed! Hehe!