another sad plight

Posted on Apr 18, 2009 under blahs, life in the office, my thoughts with infos |

Another unfavorable thing if i may say happened the other day in the office. The company let go another three colleagues of mine, though they’re from a different department. If i’m not mistaken, these 3 folks have been working with the company for quite sometime now. Some say, one of them did volunteer to be retrenched. At least that saved one head who probably would still wish to stay with the company. The reality prevails that up until today, anything could just happen. Our department is so far safe but who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow or the next day? It’s really scary! Maybe i should improve my programming skills since a lot of programmer jobs are available out there. I really don’t know but i’m really hoping our department would still be intact until this economic crisis is averted.

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