excited for the weekend

Posted on Apr 22, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Who? Me? Yes, me, no one else! LOL! Of course you’ll ask why? Well, Ylangurl’s going to do another adventure trip. Gonna leave on Friday and be back on Tuesday yet. It’s a holiday here on Monday in celebration of Kadaugan sa Mactan. If you happen to be in the area within this week, don’t forget to visit Mactan Shrine as the annual food festival is already open. Feast your mouth with the different kinds of food and delicacies. Well, it’s not for free! You have to buy it but i was there last year and it was really fun and i had a blast eating. :P Ok, back to the weekend thingy - we’ll be visiting two places in a row so expect that i’ll be darker than what i am now. Won’t use the word tan - it’s understated. We’ll be staying in three different hotels/resorts and one of them has some nice outdoor dining sets, all the more that i’m excited! :P So, gotta scoot now and i’ll have to start packing my things. I challenged my self for the so called travel lite so we’ll see if i can make it!

Ahh it’s Thursday tomorrow… i just hate Thursdays you know. :(

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