tuesday blues

Posted on May 12, 2009 under blahs, life in the office, my thoughts with infos |

It’s a boring Tuesday evening. Its’ raining hard and i’m still at work. Can’t wait to go home and watch seasons 20 & 21 of my favorite TV series, The Unit. I just had my dinner and i ate at the cafeteria alone. I normally don’t complain about eating alone but sadly so, days i’ve spent in the office lately has been very dragging. Impossibly dragging and boring! Seems like everyone has his own world. Either they’re boring or i’m boring! LOL! Seriously, it’s either i don’t connect with the people anymore or i really just need a new environment. Sigh.

Anyway, i really didn’t enjoy much about what i ate. I packed the leftover viand and will eat this later. I should not be eating again but everytime i feel blue, one of my refuge is eating. Not healthy eh! I know that’s why i’m starting to read some Fenphedra review online. I think before anyone should take any diet pills, he or she should learn more info about the product first.

The rain hasn’t stop and i still feel bored… Argghh this is a lousy post. :P

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  1. carlota Says:

    ah don’t say that basin maka ingon ko na sign na siya being? hahaha. i won’t say it basin mabalik sa akoa. wink*

  2. Ylan Says:

    Carlota - noh not really sign… bored na lang jud ko diri, honestly… :)

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