it’s one thing or the other

Posted on May 20, 2009 under blahs, life in the office, my thoughts with infos |

Yey! I couldn’t complain anymore on the computer memory of my workstation. It’s been upgraded and i’m happy about it since i don’t have to wait like forever anymore everytime i run applications simultaneously. Now, i’m bugged of the harddisk capacity. I only got about 75gb while others have 150gb. Isn’t that unfair? :P And yeah, i have to complain about my steel cabinet, again! Haha, see i don’t run out of things to quetch! :D

Anyway, i should be sleeping early today so that in effect i can wake up early tomorrow. I’ve got some appointments to attend first before i’ll go to the church for my friend’s wedding. Ok. Gotta scoot now!

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