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let’s groove to the music

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I feel like dancing despite the fact that my i’m nursing a backache today. I really couldn’t explain this pain but it’s about the cold weather and childhood sprain and muscle spasm. Some say, i just need a regular back massage but i couldn’t even get one in a month. What I want is the authentic Pinoy massage - the hilot.

Back to the dancing thingy, 3 songs that keep on playing my mind are:

Shaggy - Feel The Rush feat. Trix and Flix
Kardinal Offishall - Dangerous feat. Akon
Craig David - Insomnia

You familiar with these songs? :)

it’s one thing or the other

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Yey! I couldn’t complain anymore on the computer memory of my workstation. It’s been upgraded and i’m happy about it since i don’t have to wait like forever anymore everytime i run applications simultaneously. Now, i’m bugged of the harddisk capacity. I only got about 75gb while others have 150gb. Isn’t that unfair? :P And yeah, i have to complain about my steel cabinet, again! Haha, see i don’t run out of things to quetch! :D

Anyway, i should be sleeping early today so that in effect i can wake up early tomorrow. I’ve got some appointments to attend first before i’ll go to the church for my friend’s wedding. Ok. Gotta scoot now!

pig out again

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Last Friday night, i was with some friends for a night out. ‘Twas supposedly a shower party event for a friend who’s getting married but we don’t have much time to prepare and there were only a few of us. We had dinner instead and went to a KTV Bar after. We ate in a restaurant in Parkmall which serves kebab, I forgot the name. Their food taste good at a reasonable price. So, as expected, i ate much especially their paella. With that being said, let me go back to reading this best fat burner i just stumbled. I shall post photos about the night out in my other blog when they’re available. The photographer must be tired today, she’s out in Badian for a weekend getaway together with some other colleagues.

vacation, vacation

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I was browsing some blogs earlier and have read a few posts on how badly they need a vacation. Confounded by the idea, i tried to check some vacations spots randomly and found this Outer Banks rentals which i think is very great. I share their sentiments. Who doesn’t need a vacation anyway? I do. I want to go somewhere quiet maybe for a week or so and do nothing but just laze and sleep and eat. But considering the hectic sched at work, i don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. I really am becoming lazy these days. Bad, bad.

Pink Fridays 02 ~ the notebook

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No, this isn’t about the movie entitled The Notebook. But on that note, i would say that movie is really heart wrenching. I’ve read the book and it’s equally gloomy yet inspiring. Now, back to the real essence of this post - my entry for Pink Fridays today. It’s the notebook i sort of hoard in the office. Heheh! When i learned that the notebook supply comes in pink, i immediately requested for two. :D

I still haven’t used it as i still have something to write on. I just requested for it, it’s pink, duh!

tuesday blues

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It’s a boring Tuesday evening. Its’ raining hard and i’m still at work. Can’t wait to go home and watch seasons 20 & 21 of my favorite TV series, The Unit. I just had my dinner and i ate at the cafeteria alone. I normally don’t complain about eating alone but sadly so, days i’ve spent in the office lately has been very dragging. Impossibly dragging and boring! Seems like everyone has his own world. Either they’re boring or i’m boring! LOL! Seriously, it’s either i don’t connect with the people anymore or i really just need a new environment. Sigh.

Anyway, i really didn’t enjoy much about what i ate. I packed the leftover viand and will eat this later. I should not be eating again but everytime i feel blue, one of my refuge is eating. Not healthy eh! I know that’s why i’m starting to read some Fenphedra review online. I think before anyone should take any diet pills, he or she should learn more info about the product first.

The rain hasn’t stop and i still feel bored… Argghh this is a lousy post. :P

Pink Fridays 01 ~ the getaway slippers

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I basically saw most entries for Pink Fridays in Carlota’s blog. Being a pink lover myself, i was enthralled to join. However, i didn’t have much time the past weekends. Today, i’m finally posting my first entry. ;)


The pink slippers. My feet’s sole bestfriend for an entire week of frolicking in Palawan last holyweek. I did bring along another pair of the same kind but of different color. I stick with the pink one since most of my clothes are in pink shade anyway. :D

eat your heart out!

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We have this online leave tracking system in the office. If someone will file for a leave of absence, he/she only needs to access the site. After applying for any leave, designated approvers will be notified through email.

Take your cue from one of my colleagues:


Haha! What a reason! Are you envious or outrageous? :D

wrong sent

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Some days ago, i received a text message that says:

“I want to remind u of ur sched with us on today. Bring your resume, pen & ID. Add is at 29F robinsons equitable tower, ortigas. Thanks! -Margaret of Convergys”

If my memory serves me right, i don’t recall applying for any call center company or call center related job. I was gonna reply back but my sun sim doesn’t have load anymore to send text messages to other networks. I hope the message reached to the intended person and i hope she/he gets the job. Sa kalisud sa panahon karon!

what’s with May 8?

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That majority of my colleagues filed for vacation leave? I emailed one coworker to gratify my curiosity asking if there’s an event or occasion or whatever that i am not aware of? She said, there’s none that she knows of. Somehow, i thought i must have been left out already by the current hoo-has in the office. Or could it be just coincidence that a lot of my coworkers will be absent on May 8! Hmmnn let me join the craze - what if i file for leave of absence too? :D