i, a lowtech person?

Posted on Jun 04, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Let me contemplate on that question. Hmmnn i think at some point i really am. I don’t get jealous if i don’t own the latest gadget like PSP, laptop and camera. Well, of course, it would be nice if i have high end models of those gadgets but at the same time, it wouldn’t really hurt if i don’t have. My stand is if i have one that serves its purpose, i wouldn’t care if it’s the latest or not. On a second thought, i may not that low tech eh. I use and carry two cellular phones everyday! Bleh! As if i have so many business transactions that i need to have two mobile phones. Haha! I can’t throw away my old phone so i’m using a separate sim card for it and the other one is sort of my official phone. And i think among my peers in the office, i’m the one who has the biggest capacity of an external harddrive. Haha, now i’m really convincing myself i’m not that a lowtech person! Seriously though, i’m really not into those gadgets. I’m lucky i got myself an old mp3 player, preowned by a former colleague. LOL!

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