poor me

Posted on Jun 08, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Sometime last week, i really was craving for pizza. When i left the office, i was so convinced i’d drop in Fuente and buy some pizza. While walking, i realized my allowance would just be enough for the week (until the next payday). If i’d take a portion of it for the pizza, then obviously i’d have to get another resource for my allowance. So i changed my mind and tried very much to conceal my craving. When i passed by the pizza parlor, i looked at it like that of a beggar who wants to eat but doesn’t have the means to buy. I was gonna cry! Heheh! Seriously though, i was humbled at that moment. I may not have the money to buy the pizza but i already have my dinner. The kids outside the parlor didn’t have anything (for the day even). Meaning: i’m in no position to whine! It would be a shame otherwise. So, before i’d succumb to non-sense self pitty, what i probably need is just a diet pill to control my cravings, especially late night cravings! These cravings are doing no good at all- evidences are undeniable! My own mother is even disgusted to look at my bulging tummy. Yay!

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