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Posted on Jun 14, 2009 under general info |

I love to write just about anything that’s why i maintain a blog. It is where i can let out my innermost thoughts and share it to other people who may stumble on my site and may have the same sentiments as i have. Initially, i wouldn’t mind at all if i get visitors or not. I don’t write to entertain anyway. But as i venture into sponsorship blogging, i came to realize how important it is to have visitors in my blog. Getting hits on your site everyday from world over can sure help boost your searchability in search engines. SEO sure did a lot of effort on this one.

Today, i’m more than happy to see my visitors hit increase rapidly. It is good to know that a lot of people are visiting my site. With that being said, i still would want to improve my traffic. Maybe search engine marketing will do a lot of good help even more.

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