aint a snob today

Posted on Jun 25, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Yeah, aint a snob today. I mean the sun. Hehe. As i’ve told you, it’s been raining for days now, over a week perhaps. But today, the sun is all bright and proud. I hope it won’t change until the weekend as i might go out of town. Not sure yet where but it really will depend on the weather. I have lots of errands to make but all are pending because of the rain. I can’t drop by at the mall before or after work. When i arrived at work today, some coworkers were busy talking. I joined them and asked what’s the frenzy all about. Geez they were talking about buying some PS3 and new laptops! Good for them, they have lots of doughs to spend on these items. Me, i’d rather travel. I’m really not into these things anyway. :)

Haay I really hope the weekend will promise a good weather condition. We were at typhoon signal number 1 the past days. Not really good to travel huh…

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