hair makeover

Posted on Jul 20, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Today’s Monday and we’re hitting the 3rd week of July already. Whew! Time flies so fast and though in some ways i don’t like it, part of me is still excited because we have lots of non-working holidays in August. Over the weekend, i desperately think i need some diet pill that works effectively. I was just at home but was having some hair makeover. My neighbor who does my hair would just come visit me at home and do her thing at our house. I like it this way because it’s more personalized. After some hours of ironing, washing, conditioning the hair - my hair’s finally done! I wish i have a photo to share but i don’t have any for the moment. My sisters were all saying - you’ve got nice hair already but maybe you should trim down your weight as well. Ok, needless to expound, i fully understand what they’re insinuating. Hmmppp! Anyways, i’ll flaunt my new hair next time.

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