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On Friday, i was just at home sleeping since it was a holiday for us. I wanted to attend the 1st Friday mass at Sto. Nino Church but i woke up very late i was pretty sure i couldn’t make it even to the last mass schedule of the day. I went to downtown area still to buy some gift items and met my friend Glorie. Never in my entire life had i tried hanging out in Colon except of those bazars and street markets but we actually went to a place that looks like Larshan. It’s somewhere near Gaisano Main. If you’re looking for not too expensive food with some bands playing, you may want to visit this place. Downtown area i guess is booming these days.

Saturday. I tried waking up earlier than usual as i had to attend a baptism rites (my colleague’s daughter) in Lapulapu. Much to my effort, i still was not able to make it. And to my surprise, i saw a wedding ceremony instead when i arrived! I was at the wrong venue but not exactly the wrong place. I should have gone to the chapel and not to the church, hehe. After the reception at Grand Majestic in Marina Mall, i went immediately to Ayala Mall for the birthday party of my (other) colleague’s daughter. An hour after, i shopped some toiletries then went home. I left the house again, this time together with my mother. We went to Carbon market - purchased cloths/textiles and had my wristwatch repaired. Went to some Korean bazars then off we went to a department store to buy some baby stuff for my nephew and niece. ‘Twas a long day i actually consumed (which i normally don’t) all of my halohalo serving.

Sunday. I was gonna go to Carbon again but i got so tired and i felt dizzy. PMS, you know.

P.S. Ang mga bisaya ra’y makasabot asa ug unsa ang Carbon. heheh. :D Only the Cebuanos will understand what and where Carbon is. ;)

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  1. vk Says:

    sus kanindot sa imong oras n adlaw uy………
    busy pa kay sa bee gyd.

    uban unta ko sa carbon. wa pa ko kaanha sa carbon….lol

    bitaw, wa bya ko kasabot sauna aning carbon.
    sa amoa kay tiange……….mercado sa una pa gyd amo gipuy-an.

    naka laag kay gabii na man diri.
    matulog na pod ko hapit.


  2. Ylan Says:

    vk - vikay dili ka malingaw sa carbon kay lapuk and the smell is not pleasing, of course kay merkado man hehe.. pero sa kilidkilid sa carbon, daghan man mga bazars, lingaw ra palitpalit mga baligya sa intsik ug koreano or taiwanese hehe :)

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