destination weddings

Posted on Aug 26, 2009 under my thoughts with infos |

It has become a hobby of mine to read news especially lifestyle news through my mobile phone before i go to sleep. One time, I really was amazed to read that a Filipino-Chinese couple brought some 250 guests for their wedding outside the Philippines. Wow! I mean that’s pretty awesome (not too mention expensive) especially if the setting is a white sand beach. It’s becoming a thing today about destination weddings and if i am about to become a bride, I wouldn’t mind it especially if it’s booked from right away. If you sign up now, you get free honeymoon gift registry, wedding website and more! Not to mention that the bride and groom gets to stay free if you book plus discounts on events and group rooms. For the lovers out there wanting to be hitched, do check out the site and i’m sure you’d be dazzled by the wedding packages you could choose from. Wedding preparations could be exhausting but i guess it is equally fun.

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