moving out again, well not me

Posted on Sep 28, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I’ve never left my parent’s house since birth. The longest that i was away from home was for about 2 months only and that was when i was on offshore work assignment. I maybe away for a week the most when i’m on a trip. I had plans of moving out before but i changed my mind. As for my case, i really don’t see the necessity of leaving home. The only advantage would be less travel time for me in going to work. My friends at work have transferred to a lot of different apartments already while i still remain to live in the same house. One of my friends abroad just told me she needed to transfer to another house again. She was glad she was able to keep in touch with an rv towing company as she also has an rv. I’m rather close to my family and i’m comforted every time i’m just home. But someday, i know i have to leave my comfort zone. And while it’s not yet happening, i’d have to savor the moments while i’m still with my folks.

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