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haggard looking

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I don’t know but i feel so frowzy the past days. I’m worried about stuff i shouldn’t but i can’t help it! Look at the mirror today and i want to scream! I can’t believe my eyes - i want to have the best wrinkle cream available in the market today! Shoots! Is it really me getting old or just me being moody and cranky? LOL! Maybe the fine lines are just brought about by being under the sun for most of the time last couple of weeks. What can i do? Some of the things surrounding me lately are upsetting and i can’t help but frown! Aww bad. Should smile more often…

and i wonder?

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Oftentimes, I would crave for something to eat and you could guess right that’s it’s almost always not something the health conscious would munch. But heck!


I thought i was gonna finish it all but luckily i didn’t! Hehehe!!! And i wonder why i’m gaining weight with each passing day! Yayks!

health regimen

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While i was away and trekking the mountains of Sagada (i sounded like a pro, heheh!), my siblings and cousins quite had some fun time together as well. They went to the city complex and enjoyed the time swimming. I’m glad my niece get to use already the swimwear i gave her when she’s about 3 months old only. LOL! Ain’t that cool? It’s not only fun but they get to exercise which is one of the best fat burner one could benefit from. Talk about exercise - my mother and I are planning to do some morning jog every Saturday. She said we would start as early as 4:00am! We’d start from home down to Fuente Osmena Circle. Haha! Wish us luck! :D

two long weekends in a row

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We had a long weekend last week and another one this weekend. We’re off on Monday and it’s probably nice to be somewhere far, just relaxing or lounging in a patio furniture while enjoying a scenic view. Haay i could only wish! I’m not sure i still have the means to travel until the end of the year. Christmas is fast approaching and i have to save up for my godchildren. Anyways, i’m probably be with my siblings and relatives on the beach this Sunday. My sisters are planning for it so i’m crossing my fingers it will push through.

Saturday 9 ~10

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Saturday 9: You Like Me Too Much

1. If everyone liked each other, what would we complain about?
probably none then!

2. If you were most powerful person in the world, how would you use that power?
educate everyone

3. If had exactly one year to live, what are the three things you’d want to do before you died?
make sure my family is settled, make amends with all my enemies (if there’s any), travel still if i can

4. If you could change one thing about the world, what would that one thing be?

5. If you could take one thing back, what would that one thing be?

6. If you were stuck on an island forever but had all the water, food and shelter you needed. What would be the three other things you’d bring with you?
clothes, personal knickknacks, notebook (as in notepad or paper and pens)

7. If the internet didn’t exist, would the quality of life go up or down?
there are both advantages and disadvantages so it’s pretty hard to determine

8. If a million dollars fell off a back of a truck, would you keep it?
if the owner of the truck is a multi billionaire, i would keep it! lol!

9. What is something you said, something you stole, something you did wrong?
hmmn tough question! but i’m sure i didn’t steal anything huh!

injury at work

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I have a cousin who opted to resign from work than go further with her case. Well, maybe if she had the likes of Tennessee injury lawyers for a council, she might have changed her mind. Well, here’s a summary of her story. She works in the admin department and one day one of the production workers hit her with unused water pipe. She tried to run but to no avail, she got hit in her shoulders and her head. The said worker was fuming mad when his request for something like money loan was not granted immediately. The culprit ran off but fortunately was caught by the zone guards. My cousin did not press charges and opted to resign to the dismay of her boss. She’s just too afraid it would happen again and opted to work in a less populated company. Well, i understand her sentiments. That’s one of the reasons i could not stand working in production firms. I think it’s just too stressful for me. I tried it once and i resigned in just 2 months.

Pink Friday 16 ~ the fashionista horse

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What better way to celebrate the 1st day of September than a horse ride - pink one at that! :P

me @ Baguio, Phils

cute noh? :)

do i have readers?

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When i started blogging, i really don’t care if someone reads my post. In fact, it never occurred to me that others may be able to read it. All i know is that i want to write. I couldn’t care less about rankings and site traffic. All that mattered to me is that i can write and edit my themes and background and stuff. I’m more than happy that i am able to express myself. Later, i learned that having a good traffic can be helpful. Maybe i should try seo software to boost my ranking. I’m not yet familiar with this one so i might as well ask my friends first how this works and if they have tried it. For now, let me post some more entries. ;)

P.S. I’m gonna go to the store and buy the September issue of my favorite showbiz/fashion magazine. :P I’m supposed to be sleeping already!!!

teenage mom

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My mother got married at the tender age of 18, my father was 19 then. She delivered our eldest sister when she was 22. Last weekend, i met someone who had her 1st baby when she was only 16. She is 18 now. I’m way older than her so i can’t help thinking what could have happen if was a mother at such a tender age. I can’t even imagine myself now though baby announcements for my part at this time would be no surprise. Lol! Heck, my batchmates are all either married or having 1-2 kids already! When i was 16, i only thought on getting to college and nothing more. All i wanted was to finish school. Well, they say, different strokes for different folks. As for me, it’s not happening anytime soon. Yes, i know i’m not getting any younger so don’t raise your brows on me! :D