pink is a verb too!

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Got this short info from my inbox that a colleague forwarded to me a couple of days ago.


1 a : to perforate in an ornamental pattern *b : to cut a saw-toothed edge on
2 a : pierce, stab b : to wound by irony, criticism, or ridicule

Example Sentence
“The sleek curtain requires no sewing; we pinked the edges to add a bit of detail.” (Jennie Voorhees, Martha Stewart Living, April 2002)

Hmnn now this sounds interesting. Pink afterall is not just a color.

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  1. burn Says:

    nice post. I didn’t know it that pink is also a verb. All I know is it is a noun. Now, I know. hhehehe thanks.

    Care to ex links..

  2. Ylan Says:

    Burn - i just knew it recently as well =) sure lets exchange links… :)

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