Wednesdays: That’s My Answer! (001)

Posted on Oct 28, 2009 under That's My Answer!, question and answer |

That’s My Answer!

Q: What is your favorite food that begins with a ‘W’?
A: Waffle??? LOL, i can’t think of anything else.

Q: Have you ever been to Niagra Falls?
A: No. But i want to go there.

Q: How often do you need to use a calculator?
A: Alsmot everyday!!!

Q: What game show do you feel confident that you could host as a fill-in?
A: Maalala Mo Kaya (hehe!) Aw gameshow? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Q: What’s the one thing your hometown does better than anywhere else?
A: Cebu has the best of both worlds: nightlife & flair of urban life and nature (serene beaches)

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