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Before i get to my story, let me touch my previous entry. Does the phrase disability appeal sound interesting? It sure is. We never know what’s going to happen to us so i guess it’s safer if we know if we are getting this benefit from our employers, insurance, etc.

Moving on to my story. Isn’t it irritating at times when we receive text messages that are not for us? Especially if the sender persists that he/she got the correct number? Cebuanos usually call that ‘wrong send’. And i got one this afternoon which was sent twice. It said (as translated in English, it’s a Tagalog message) - How are you all in the Philippines? This is my new roaming number. I’m about to send you guys some stuff and money, including the ones for you. You all take care.

I humbly replied back and said you got the wrong number. Now, that was one text message i wish was intended really for me! Hahah! Who would not want to receive package and gifts and money!??

I presume the message was coming from a Pinoy working abroad who is trying to make her/his family back home happy. Thanks to him/her and to the rest of thousands of Filipinos out there who are working so hard for the sake of those they left behind. I just do hope the recipients get to appreciate it and realize that they are all labor of love. And to never abuse the kindness.

Hayy!!! Packages anyone? More than willing to accept here. Heheh! :D

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