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Posted on Nov 17, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Yup! I love clothes. I’m happy to see people wearing good clothes or costumes. Not that i’m very picky with clothes myself nor i wear the trendiest clothes. I’m most of the time a certified slob (ok exaggeration here) but i do enjoy looking and admiring people who can sport different attires yet looking good whatever they wear. For one, i love winter clothes. It’s never a fitting outfit for a tropical country but i love looking at people in magazines and movies wearing winter clothes. I like to watch TV series with rich people characters because the ladies usually have scenes wearing equestrian outfits like breeches and yes i just saw it in the TV series Privileged (which by the way is cancelled and i feel bad about it). I might join the online request for the show to restart. Lol! That being said, because i also love the clothes worn by the rich twin in the series. The same reason i watch Ugly Betty because of the clothes worn by Wilhelmina and Amanda.

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