something to laugh about this rainy Saturday

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Not in the best mood today since i have to come to the office… so here’s something to cheer you and me up… :)

I wonder where Brian got his balloon? Hmmnn…


On my way to work…

Me hailed a cab…

Me: Para
Driver1: Asa? (where to?)
Me: Sa Lapulapu
Driver1: Ay di ko didto day kay traffic kau ron (not going there, traffic is crazy today)
Me: K, fine!

Me: Para again
Driver2: Asa? (where to?)
Me: Sa Lapulapu
Driver2: Ay traffic kau ron didto day (opps traffic is tough over there, not going)
Me: K, fine! whatever!

Me: Para again for the 3rd time
Driver3: Asa? (where to?)
Me: Sa Lapulapu
Driver3: Ay traffic kay pista ron! (traffic because of the fiesta)
Me: Dili oi, gahapon ra ang pista! (no it’s not, yesterday was the fiesta)
Driver3: Karon oi, gahapon ang besperas (no, today is the actual fiesta day)
Me: Dili lagi ron traffic Nong (really, traffic is not crazy today)
Driver3: just shrugged his shoulder

…when we’re already near UCLM
Driver3: ingon bitaw ko traffic! blah! blah! (i told you so, traffic is so bad here! blah! blah!)
Me: Lagi (yeah! yeah!) nyehehe!

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