Pink Friday 22 ~ cute dress

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Lovely dress eh! And the equally lovely lady wearing it is Megan Smith (Joanna Garcia) of the TV series Privileged (2008). I so love the series and most of the characters in this show. But to my dismay, this show is axed after season 1. I love Megan and Will’s (Brian Hallisay) love team. *sigh.

I’m not so much of a Gossip Girl fan but i’m gonna have to watch this show especially season 3 because of Joanna’s appearances. I find her simple but very pretty and endearing. You should watch Privileged (even if they’re on for one season only)!

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  1. Pink Thoughts Says:

    OMG!! That dress is made to kill. It is so elegant and girly!! :D

  2. Ylan Says:

    PK - yup the dress is so girly… and in the shade of pink? :)

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