wanna go there… there and there…

Posted on Dec 06, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

So many places, so many destinations, but no moolah! If only i have the luxury of time and money to do it, i would really like to go to differences places. To experience new cultures and to see the other side of the planet. Even before my friend told me, Turkey is already in my list of must-go-places. She said a friend of hers has been there and thinks it’s really a beautiful place to visit. I got excited when i saw this turks and caicos all inclusive deals online. As if i really could get there! Heheh! It’s all free to dream so why not take advantage! :D I wanted to visit Turkey the first time i saw it featured in one local travel show. Question now - will i ever get there? Sponsors anyone? :P

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