what can i buy with my 10 pesos?

Posted on Dec 06, 2009 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I really thought that my 10 pesos is worth nothing these days. Is there anything useful that i can actually buy with this amount of money? Luckily there are - if you go to bazaars.

Of course, they’re not of the best quality but as long as they’re functional, it’s what really matters. I was able to buy screw drivers, ladle, nail brush, etc. Each item cost only 10 pesos and i brought home a lot of goodies with my 100 pesos. Now, if only i could buy kitchen sinks for only 10 pesos then i’d be more than happy. But i guess that’s too much to ask already.

The bazaar in MEPZ1 will be around until the holidays. I’d have to go back to buy a magazine rack. The stall selling it closes very early. I’d always end up buying something else instead of the rack! Argghhh!

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