the caller

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Here’s an annoying but interesting and funny conversation i had a fews ago. Early afternoon, the phone rang.

Me: Hello, good afternoon.
Caller: Hello, can i talk to Miss LC.
Me: Yep, speaking!
Caller: Ah maam, i called to let you know that you just won for yourself an insurance certificate!
Me: Whatt? How did i win? How did you get my name? And what’s that certificate all about?
Caller: A friend or colleague of yours might have endorsed your name and you are one of our random winners which will be given a certificate for an accident insurance for a year. ( I really don’t understand what she’s talking about. And i wasn’t believing the idea that i would just be getting something out of nothing)
Me: So what do i do?
Caller: Just bring 3 valid ids to claim your prize maam. Do you have a company id?
Me: Yes.
Caller: How about an atm?
Me: Yes
Caller: Does the atm have a photo of yours?
Me: No
Caller: Do you other atm account?
Me: No
Caller: Ows?
Me: *laughing to myself! And she didn’t believe that i have another atm account! huh! Maybe she could have asked further if i have some phone check account too?
Caller: Can you claim the prize tomorrow maam?
Me: No, cause i’m busy.
Caller: What about on Saturday maam?
Me: It’s our department party. And it’s a whole day affair.
Caller: Ows?
Me: *laughing. she didn’t believe me again! lol!
Caller: Maam, we have a deadline in claiming the prizes.
Me: Ok, then just forfeit my prize if i can’t claim it.
Caller: Ok, thanks for your honesty maam.
Me: And now she believed me?

I know these callers are just doing their jobs but the MO is just so tacky. Come on! Can they just really give you something that instant without getting something from you? Hmmnnn…

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