Pink Friday 23 ~ pink beauty paraphernalias

Posted on Jan 08, 2010 under anything pink, pink fridays |


My first entry for Pink Fridays this 2010. I’m not gifted with naturally straight hair thus i seek refuge from hair straightening irons and hair blowers. I do fix my hair when i have the ample time before going to work or going out. That’s why i super lover this pink hair knickknack set! :)

2 Responses to “Pink Friday 23 ~ pink beauty paraphernalias”

  1. alf Says:

    talagang pink ka all the way sis tapos yung domain mo pa! hindi mo favorite ang pink noh! lol.

  2. Ylan Says:

    Alf - haha oo nga sis, hindi obyus na pink type ko :)

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