what’s best about having sisters?

Posted on Jan 16, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I have a brood of 5 sisters. Yup, we’re 6 siblings in the family - all girls. Pretty sure my father would have wanted a boy, but for heaven’s sake, we’re already half a dozen. Lucky for him though because he now has a grandson from my youngest sister. Yes, youngest sister, at 21. Having sisters can be chaotic at times. Especially when one of them wears my dress or shoes without asking. But i’m not that bad as a sister, i do give them hand-me-downs stuff. Lol! It’s fun because we share and talk a lot about girls’ stuff - fashion, beauty products, boys of course, among others. One of them freaked out last time because she’s got pimples and wants to have an acne scar removal treatment immediately. Lucky for us because we really don’t have acne problems. Just that, skin break out does happen.

What could have been our lives like if we have a brother? How could it be any different? Seriously, I can’t imagine how he would look like! LOL!

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