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Pink Friday 24 ~ pink baby dresses

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Aren’t they cute? These are the dresses i gave to my goddaughter, Janna, during her 1st birthday celebration last January. I bought it on the day of the party so i took a picture of the dresses while i was queueing at the counter. I just used my cellphone so as not to attract attention from the cashiers. :D I always find it easier to scout gifts for baby girls than baby boys.

accessories for gifts

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Who says that only women collect accessories? Men do too. They may be not as vain as women but I know some men who are very particular with their stuff, gadgets, including truck accessories even. Now, that’s a nice trivia on a general note. You ladies out there, need not spend so much time thinking of what to give your man. There’s this famous celebrity couple who surprised each other with presents last Christmas. The woman was extremely happy when she received her Hermes bag. Well, I guess every woman would be happy to receive a bag, let alone such a bag. What did the man receive? It’s a whooping new wheels for his sports car. I’m not an enthusiast so I don’t know specifically what makes the wheels extra special. All I know is that the cost could buy me a second hand car already. Whew! Talk about something precious.

lucrative business

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The May 2010 election is fast approaching thus candidates are very much spending their valuable time campaigning here there and everywhere. Needless to say, machineries of each candidate are doing lots of ways to woo the crowd. In an interview that I saw on TV last night to a businessman, whose business is basically printing materials, he said that it’s peak for his business during an election year. He would have to double his manpower in order to cater the high demand of printing jobs. Candidates would order tons of promotional bags as giveaways or souvenirs during campaigns. And as any political expert would say, Filipinos would cram for anything that is free. So, you could say, it’s really an effective way to gather the crowd, even if such doing is prohibited by law. Hmnn nice idea, maybe I should start my own business then. Nyehehe!

drive for a healthier work environment

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There’s an on going campaign at work to stop smoking. I think it is just but right. Even if there are smoking areas outside the building which will at least keep the non-smokers at peace, this vice, is a complete waste of company time. How many times would these people excuse themselves and go to this area and smoke? And how many of them? Do the math and you’ll know the loss. Aside from health risks to others, a health launch like this is necessary to promote general awareness and wellness. For production companies, i hope management are able to provide Mesothelioma awareness as well. As we all know, it’s one of the dangers workers may acquire.

I did answer the trivia questions, did i win? Hmnnn… My seatmate won last time and she got a cute mug for the prize. Not bad. I want it too! :P

looking great at 40

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I have on online friend before who was already at her late 30’s. When we met when she came home to Cebu, i couldn’t believe my eyes! She was really stunning. She looked different in pictures. She was really pretty in person. I was on my early 20’s then and i said her glow was much younger than i am. Seriously, i got conscious. She already had a teenaged girl then. She said aside from using anti wrinkle treatment everyday, it also helps to always smile and don’t take life’s problems seriously. I should take her words if i want to look an inch like her when i’ll be in my 40’s. I haven’t heard from her now but i’m pretty sure she’s as beautiful as i saw her before.

life’s still tough in 2010

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I say that for some of the workers in the economic zone i’m working at. I wasn’t sure why the entry/exit gates are changed again but maybe it’s because of the people having a strike which started middle of this week. They’re a group of workers from a garment factory i believe. I’m not so sure of the cause of the strike but i hope it’s resolved sooner. Not only it’s a threat to the safety of the other locators in the zone, it’s also a pity that instead of earning, these people are out in the streets. On another note, I’ve heard over the radio yesterday about a worker who was trying to ask for some help because he got into an accident but the company (different company) he’s working for didn’t listen to his disability appeal and ignored his current situation. Now, that’s really an unfavorable one. Come Monday, i hope the workers outside the gate’s zone are already settled.

fit and fabulous

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Saw an old friend last week and was surprised to learn that she already got 3 kids. She definitely don’t look like it. I mean she look very gorgeous and very sexy. I wondered what’s her secret so i never let go of the chance of asking her. She said that she’s a full time mom and having to tend to her 3 active kids is enough exercise. But to be truly fit, she does exercise on a regular basis, eat a balanced diet and take some fat loss supplements to aid in getting rid of unwanted fats. Oh boy, if only i have the same descipline as she have, then maybe i’d be fit and fab as her. She’s a mother at that and she still finds time to do it. Why can’t i when i have all the time!

vanity overload

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One of my colleagues forwarded to me an article about a holywood personality who underwent cosmetic surgery. That’s nothing new. But the interesting part is that this starlet had 10 surgeries in just one day. I wondered why she had to do it? I watch her in her reality tv show and i find her really pretty. For me, there’s nothing to be changed of her physically. Now, i don’t find her pretty! Lol! Well, competition is tough according to her, she’s just keeping up. As for me, i’m a freak of anything surgical so i better look for the best under eye creams now for my eye bags. I still can’t get over thinking of having 10 procedures, it’s as if she joined a reality tv show about turning ugly ducklings to beautiful swans.

lazy weekend

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It’s a very lazy weekend for me. One thing that keeps me home is watching TV series. For this week, i’m on marathon of 24. I’m about to finish season 2 already. Have so much to catch up since it’s already on season 8 for its current airing. I only move to pee or eat. This afternoon i had to buy some stuff at a nearby supermarket but because i was in a much hurry to get back to watching the series i forgot to buy some acne medication for a friend. I still have tomorrow though to buy it for her. Right now, i can’t be disturbed! If not for blogging though. Heheh! Anyway i have to pause for a break from watching TV.

muscle tough

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As you may know, i don’t have a brother so there are some things or topics about boys that i don’t get first hand answers immediately. But thanks that i’m an engineering dudette so i mingle with boys (say men) at the office because obviously the engineering world is dominantly populated by boys. Heck, what do i know about testosterone booster and stuff like that? Well, i read it from a magazine earlier today. Guess getting muscles wouldn’t be hard now a days. If women are crazy about getting rid of cellulites, men are crazy about getting some muscles. Heheh!