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gifts galore

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I just visited one social networking site and was awed by some friends posting pictures of gifts they just received. One friend told and showed me of gifts she received from a suitor. All the more that i was awed! Some men are just so generous. I wonder when can i meet such a man? LOL!

Well, the gift giving doesn’t end after the holidays. For heart’s day is here to come and it’s just about time to give and receive gifts once again. I appreciate personalized gifts very much since i think it has a little touch of uniqueness.

Speaking of gifts, i should be posting the items i received last Christmas so that i could acknowledge the donors fully. ;)

the cost of dying

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There’s an old cliche among us Filipinos that living is expensive, but dying is even more expensive! It’s kinda odd but somehow has truth in it especially to people having a hard time trying to make ends meet. I once saw this documentary on TV that featured a family dealing with the loss of a family member. It’s already a turmoil having to deal with the grief but to deal with funeral cost is another story. The wife of the deceased even said she doesn’t have the time to mourn because she’s busy thinking of ways to raise money. It’s a little relief that the neighbors helped seek funds from the local baranggay officials. It’s really heartbreaking. After i saw the documentary, i’m more than appreciative of the simple things that i have. From somewhere, more people are suffering.

missing the good old pals from college

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I can’t hide the fact that it’s almost 10 years since i graduated from college. I’m an engineering graduate batch 2000. You do the math and you’ll know my age! LOL!

I feel a bit sad when i saw some photo graduation invitations from the mall today. As you may know, few more days and its graduation time! I’m reminded by the promise i made with some of my college close friends. We agreed to meet after 10 years no matter what happens. I’m 50% sure it’s going to happen because one friend from Singapore called me and told me that she’s coming home on April. It’s a bit late from March but nevertheless, it’s still 10 years after. We are going to Bohol to meet some other friends. I’m crossing my fingers! Hope it does happen!

I might have a dinner with some other close friends also next next Friday. Ahhh the warmth of old friendships - so endearing.