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a ball and the holes

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I have not gone inside a golf course yet. I’ve seen quite a few on TV and pass by some famous ones around here. First was in 2000 during our company Christmas Party. My big boss who’s a Japanese was a member of a club somewhere in Pardo. Really a nice place but we didn’t get a chance to get near the course itself. We just played bowling and stayed near the swimming pool area. Second time was last year when my current officemates and I went to Baguio. I forgot the name but I’m sure everyone’s familiar with that golf course.

I didn’t know that there are actually used golf balls for sale. I knew that golf can now be played virtually. But what surprised me most is that it can be played other than in the grounds, I think I’ve seen one on the TV though. But a few weeks ago, on a parking lot, I was stunned when I saw some net on top of me and lots of white balls on it. Then my officemate told me it’s because the second floor of the building is a golf course. Amazing! I’m really not a golf enthusiast but I think the idea was very sleek.

second boom

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Getting pregnant is the fad amongst my friends lately. I’m sure they wouldn’t say no if someone gifts them with a Bob stroller for their second baby. Yup! I’m talking about being second time moms. Riza, a former colleague, is about to pop. Two members of the so called Ritchie’s Angels are on the way. Sintclaire’s about fourteen weeks pregnant while Lenny’s about thirteen weeks. I’ve heard two other friends who are planning to have their second baby too. They’re probably right on the process right now. Heheh! Ahmmn, you know that Charlie’s Angels are three right? So, Ritchie’s Angels must be three as well. Ever wonder who the other one is? Lol! She’s still very much single and hopes that she can already have her first baby before the other two angels gets to have half a dozen of babies. Lol! :D

the pavilion

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See, the rest of the people at home are annoyingly vain. They whined endlessly on why I still haven’t bought the best natural acne treatment in the pharmacy. It’s as if it is that easy.

So much for the whines. I’m whining myself right now. So we are all excited for the Bantayan getaway only to find out that the room we booked is not exactly what we imagine to be. Because it’s peak season and most resorts are fully booked already, we immediately grabbed the vacant room we chanced while calling every resort there is in Bantayan. It is said to be the pavilion room with 2 beds inside. And we chose the resort because it’s settled in the beach front. A while ago, my coworker’s sister (who’s going with us) told my coworker that the room we booked is basically just a big tent. Waah! Bummer! Why didn’t I realize that a pavilion is what it is – a tent, a large one. It’s like a nipa hut but with cloth as the panels and the floor – the sands. That sounds cool right. It’s really cool. It’s like camping at the beach! But I’m not so sure, I wanted a room with a private bath/toilet. But we’ll see if we could still get a refund of our booking and find another one. Or we stick to this room and hope that it’ll turn out okay.

the vain cousin

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One of my cousins (or he is my nephew?) is staying with my aunt this summer. Our house is just adjacent to my aunt’s so he’d also often come to our house and have a chat with my younger sisters. I think I’ve never met someone as vain as he is. He’s very conscious about his chin acne and he nags about it constantly. He’s a teenager and he’s wooing a girl back home, must be the reason he’s overly conscious. He’s practically used every soap we have in the hopes that one of them could get rid of his pimples. If he was my brother, I’d probably just whack his head. Lol! Oh. Here goes one of those moments when I think what life could have been If I have a brother? Soon, we’ll have a little man in the house. My nephew’s turning 1 come Easter Sunday. :)

Cleng’s wedding

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As promised, here’s one photo of us during the wedding of my officemates last March 06. I’m still groggy, i barely had 4 hours of sleep on that day as i was at the airport very early in the morning.


For a dear friend, Cebu is never far from Singapore and Manila. That’s William and Macelle who graced the affair as one of the groom’s men and bride’s maids. Thanks Charo for the photo.

scar issues

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Growing up, I was a very active child. I’d play all sorts of outdoor games with my playmates. I’d climb trees without minding the bruises i’d get. I would say i had a very fun childhood. If there’s one thing i regret about it though is this annoying scar on my forehead. I was running and i trip on the ground, landed my face on the nail. I thought i’d loss my eyesight then but lucky for me i only had few stitches. Still, i wish i never had this scar. I wish there’s a hemorrhoid treatment that works effectively. Although everytime i see this scar, it reminds me of what my childhood was like. I’d sometimes wish i was not that hyper back then. But of course, i’m embracing my imperfections, it’s part of who i am. No biggies.

random thoughts today

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I usually pass by the mini grocery store/pharmacy near the office every night. Especially when i don’t have change for my jeepney fares. I’d often end up buying toiletries that i don’t really need at the moment. I even bought acne medicine last time. I don’t really need it but for those bad days, at least i have something to use already. I also would come home with lots of junk foods. Then i’d consume it all while watching my favorite late night TV shows. That pretty explains the weight gain. I’m really trying my best to avoid buying food especially during the wee hours of the night. I love going to the groceries so it’s actually difficult. Sigh. I bought a new set of mug/spoon earlier. I really don’t need it but it’s cute so it’ll be another reason i get call out for housekeeping at the office. I have like 4 mugs already. LOL!

cramming to loss weight

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I took the day off tody and i just got home. I accompanied a friend buying stuff for her new apartment. She just moved a few weeks ago and she does need new things to fill the empty apartment. We will be going to Bantayan Island (along with my other friends at the office) this coming holy week. We certainly are cramming to have a summer-fit-figure (as if) so we really are looking for diets that work and will give results in no time. Aside from running, i really should try to consider everything i eat. I’m a food junkie so it’s really no surprise if i don’t achieve my desired weight. After Bantayan, i’m going to Bohol, i’m really excited. :)

the impulsive shopper

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Because I’m sometimes an impulsive buyer, I’d buy things even if I don’t need them on a regular basis. As long as they’re cute and most probably comes in pink, I’d always find justification why I need to buy them. When I went to Baguio last year, I bought knitted coats, caps and gloves. When and where would I use them in hot Cebu? I’d say I use them when I get to travel to places with cold climate. Question is when? At least I’m outfit ready. Heheh! A friend just told me she bought some Michael Kors shoes to add in her wardrobe collection. At least she could use it, if it were for me, It would probably only serve as a décor. So much with my being impulsive that I bought a pair of rubber shoes only because it comes in pink. It’s not that I’m gonna use it everyday. I don’t run nor jog so unless I join the newly organized runners club at the office, the shoes will serve its purpose. Meanwhile, I’m learning to become a wise spender. We’ll see.

your smiling face

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21] Saturday 9: Your Smiling Face

1. No matter what’s going on in your life, what always makes you smile?
music, a child’s laughter

2. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
that i don’t know about the…. i can’t tell for now, lol!

3. Do you hold a grudge?
no, not really

4. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?
i’ve never been to many jobs, so i really can’t say

5. What would be your dream job?
an anchor of a travel show

6. What is the happiest event you’ve experienced?
Disneyland? heheh!

7. What is the saddest thing you’ve experienced?
death of loved ones; not getting the job i applied for

8. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate?
i’m a validation engineer, i exaggerate a lot :P

9. List the cars that you have owned. Give us just a few words about each one.
LOL! never owned a car my whole life! how poor eh? :P