scar issues

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Growing up, I was a very active child. I’d play all sorts of outdoor games with my playmates. I’d climb trees without minding the bruises i’d get. I would say i had a very fun childhood. If there’s one thing i regret about it though is this annoying scar on my forehead. I was running and i trip on the ground, landed my face on the nail. I thought i’d loss my eyesight then but lucky for me i only had few stitches. Still, i wish i never had this scar. I wish there’s a hemorrhoid treatment that works effectively. Although everytime i see this scar, it reminds me of what my childhood was like. I’d sometimes wish i was not that hyper back then. But of course, i’m embracing my imperfections, it’s part of who i am. No biggies.

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  1. hera Says:

    I have almost the same stitch/scar as yours, Lan. I fell off our stairs when I was still a kid as I hastily went to our kitchen to get some water. Then I hit my forehead on a stone. Wala pa to nasemento amo kusina sauna. Damn that Peewee! Mao ray hinungdan sa tanan. Hehehe.. :D
    But it’s true, we have to embrace our imperfections.

  2. Ylan Says:

    Hera - bitaw Jung i noticed pareha ta naa scar sa agtang. puete man gud kiata nako sa una, kung unsa ko ka yaya karon, mao na ka kiat pag bata nako, siguro na hurut na akong energy sa una hahah!

  3. hera Says:

    hahaha! Could be. Sige ra Lan, mao man ni ato mark of beauty. If sa mga Indian women kay bindi, ato kay scar. Hehehe! :P

  4. Ylan Says:

    Hera - Jung, napa gyud diay ko scar sa akong kilay, tigasin kau ug dating, lol!

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