the pavilion

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

See, the rest of the people at home are annoyingly vain. They whined endlessly on why I still haven’t bought the best natural acne treatment in the pharmacy. It’s as if it is that easy.

So much for the whines. I’m whining myself right now. So we are all excited for the Bantayan getaway only to find out that the room we booked is not exactly what we imagine to be. Because it’s peak season and most resorts are fully booked already, we immediately grabbed the vacant room we chanced while calling every resort there is in Bantayan. It is said to be the pavilion room with 2 beds inside. And we chose the resort because it’s settled in the beach front. A while ago, my coworker’s sister (who’s going with us) told my coworker that the room we booked is basically just a big tent. Waah! Bummer! Why didn’t I realize that a pavilion is what it is – a tent, a large one. It’s like a nipa hut but with cloth as the panels and the floor – the sands. That sounds cool right. It’s really cool. It’s like camping at the beach! But I’m not so sure, I wanted a room with a private bath/toilet. But we’ll see if we could still get a refund of our booking and find another one. Or we stick to this room and hope that it’ll turn out okay.

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