the vain cousin

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

One of my cousins (or he is my nephew?) is staying with my aunt this summer. Our house is just adjacent to my aunt’s so he’d also often come to our house and have a chat with my younger sisters. I think I’ve never met someone as vain as he is. He’s very conscious about his chin acne and he nags about it constantly. He’s a teenager and he’s wooing a girl back home, must be the reason he’s overly conscious. He’s practically used every soap we have in the hopes that one of them could get rid of his pimples. If he was my brother, I’d probably just whack his head. Lol! Oh. Here goes one of those moments when I think what life could have been If I have a brother? Soon, we’ll have a little man in the house. My nephew’s turning 1 come Easter Sunday. :)

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