a ball and the holes

Posted on Mar 31, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I have not gone inside a golf course yet. I’ve seen quite a few on TV and pass by some famous ones around here. First was in 2000 during our company Christmas Party. My big boss who’s a Japanese was a member of a club somewhere in Pardo. Really a nice place but we didn’t get a chance to get near the course itself. We just played bowling and stayed near the swimming pool area. Second time was last year when my current officemates and I went to Baguio. I forgot the name but I’m sure everyone’s familiar with that golf course.

I didn’t know that there are actually used golf balls for sale. I knew that golf can now be played virtually. But what surprised me most is that it can be played other than in the grounds, I think I’ve seen one on the TV though. But a few weeks ago, on a parking lot, I was stunned when I saw some net on top of me and lots of white balls on it. Then my officemate told me it’s because the second floor of the building is a golf course. Amazing! I’m really not a golf enthusiast but I think the idea was very sleek.

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