second boom

Posted on Mar 31, 2010 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Getting pregnant is the fad amongst my friends lately. I’m sure they wouldn’t say no if someone gifts them with a Bob stroller for their second baby. Yup! I’m talking about being second time moms. Riza, a former colleague, is about to pop. Two members of the so called Ritchie’s Angels are on the way. Sintclaire’s about fourteen weeks pregnant while Lenny’s about thirteen weeks. I’ve heard two other friends who are planning to have their second baby too. They’re probably right on the process right now. Heheh! Ahmmn, you know that Charlie’s Angels are three right? So, Ritchie’s Angels must be three as well. Ever wonder who the other one is? Lol! She’s still very much single and hopes that she can already have her first baby before the other two angels gets to have half a dozen of babies. Lol! :D

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