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close to paradise

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A friend of mine is looking for a new apartment to transfer to. I would write down contact numbers every time I see house for rent signage everywhere. One weekend during our quest for that perfect abode, we came across a very dainty village. By the looks of it, needless to ask but it’s sure expensive. We checked it out anyways. The place is neat with lots of amenities to enjoy. I especially like the garden which has some gazebos beautifully lighted in the evening. They use the kind of pond light that is not too striking but not too diming. I ever wonder if I could live in such a beautiful community one day. Not complaining but who doesn’t want to live in a paradise like place?

their second wedding

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Last Saturday was the birthday of my younger sister. A day before that, March 05, was the birthday of our eldest sister. Happy birthday and to all my friends born on the month of March.

On to my subject - last saturday was also the second wedding of my colleagues. Both the bride and groom are my coworkers. In my understanding, they already had their civil wedding last time and eventually had their church wedding last weekend. It was fun as always. The bride is sexy on regular days, let alone on her wedding day? She already have two kids, you bet you can’t tell. I like the wedding favors that i got, scented candles. I will post some photos next time. They’re already available but i have to do some resizing first. After the reception, some of us went for a coffee and had a nice time chatting. Wow! We’re that old. Coffee after reception? It wasn’t like that from before. No more after parties now. Hmnnn sign of… what?

getting fit

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What’s in among my peers today? It’s about getting fit. Wow, i wish i have the same discipline and diligence to do it. At work, we have this so called runners club. Many of my friends who are members are inviting me to join them but i always say no. I’m just too lazy right now to jog nor run. When i think about the clothes and shoes that i have to bring everyday, i already feel tired. I know i’m just making excuses. LOL! I just don’t want to wake up early so i can get out of the office early and do the run. I just wish though that i have some fitness equipment at home then i can just exercise on my own. And i didn’t have to worry of the clothes i have to bring everyday. In the next few weeks i hope i’ll change my mind and eventually join the runners’ club. Even my friends in Singapore are into marathon so maybe i’ll get some inspiration from them later. I’m crossing my fingers. :D

can’t contain my excitement

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I’m still wide awake and i’m anxiously waiting for my two friends to arrive from Singapore. The ETA is at 4:00am yet and it’s still 2:18am. Just for today, i wish time flies faster! I should be at home watching my current favorite show and be amazed on how the male lead gets to follow the antagonists wherever, a Garmin GPS is definitely needed for such kind of endeavor. I haven’t seen an actual GPS yet, it’s kinda cool on tv.

I should be sleeping actually. I’m going to attend the wedding of my colleague later this afternoon so a beauty rest is a must. I hope i could still have a nice sleep when i get home from the airport.

Just an hour and a half to go and i’ll finally get what i have wanted for so long. Wanna know what it is? Make your guess. Just a hint - it comes in pink. :)